Wax my car? Why should I?

A common question asked by everyone who loves their car is, should I wax my car?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that if I wax my car, it will be protected from UV radiation, road grime and pollution. Waxed cars are shinier, and will look and stay cleaner for longer.

These contaminants combine to increase oxidisation on the vehicles surface. In turn oxidisation causes paintwork to appear dull and faded. Oxidisation will actively contribute to further degradation of the paint surface, and can eventually cause damage to the clear coat layers, necessitating expensive repairs.

To wax a car, the surface is cleaned. We then repair any minor defects like swirl marks or minor scratches. A wax is applied by hand or soft pad buff machine.


Automotive waxes commonly contain Carnauba Wax.  This wax is naturally derived from the Carnauba Palm Tree, grown only in specific parts of Brazil.

Carnauaba Wax is used because it has a high melting point. It has good water resistant properties, and is generally long lasting. Carnauba Wax has been used to protect cars since before the 1950’s.

Waxes can also contain silicon oils to further seal and protect the paint work.

The result is a smooth surface, which repels water and with it pollutants and contaminants.

A simple test is to look at your car after it has been in the rain. If the water beads up into droplets and then runs off the surface, it is well waxed and protected. If the water lies in a sheet across your car with no discernibly droplets, then your paint is in need of wax protection.

How do I wax my car?

Waxes are available from automotive retail stores, and some are very simple to use. However, our operators are specially trained to examine the condition of your paint, allowing them to determine the best process to protect your car. For example, waxing a car without removing existing micro-scratches or swirl marks will result in a poorly presented car which may have serious damage festering under the protective wax layer.

Cargroomers will come to you and from only $135.00 conduct a full polish assessment, rectification and vehicle wax.

If your car looks like this before and you want the after, call Scott on 1300191935.

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