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Cargroomers – Makers of the Best Car Wax – Slipstream 60

Since 1990, Cargroomers have sourced the very best detailing products and the best car wax for our franchise owners, and our detailing customers. The problem is, that many products sold in Australia are imported from overseas, or made using overseas technology. The products are designed to suit overseas conditions, and as a result aren’t always the best fit for our harsh climate.

What are the best car wax and polish products to suit Australia? They are products designed and made in Australia. We know our climate best, and we are able to conduct testing in the exact conditions that our cars face everyday. Australian cars need to handle the heat and humidity of Cairns.  Our vehicles are exposed to the baking heat of Alice Springs, or  can experience four seasons in one day down in Melbourne. Cargroomers products are manufactured to perform in all of these conditions.

Slipstream 60 is the perfect example of a product designed for easy application, spray on and wipe off. It is the best carwax to use in Canberra because it is not affected by the cold, and it works in Darwin because it is not affected by heat. Slipstream 60 can also be applied to glass, mirrors, plastic trims, bumpers and tyres. It is a full surface vehicle protectant with Carnauba Wax. After years of testing, Cargroomers have developed thSlipstream 60 - Best Car Waxe perfect formula for quick and efficient shine and protection. Slipstream 60 is so effective, it is distributed throughut the United States, one of the toughest carwash markets in the world.

Slipstream 60 can be purchased directly from Cargroomers Head Office. Cargroomers trained franchise operators can apply Slipstream 60 to your vehicle. It can be added to any carwash service as an optional extra, and is included in the Express Plus.

  • Slipstream 60

    Slipstream 60 forms a film over the vehicle reducing friction and ability for contaminants and moisture to attach to vehicle surfaces. Slipstream 60 contains carnauba wax emulsion and improves shine.

    Slipstream 60
  • Slipstream Ultimate Paint Sealant (UPS)

    Slipstream UPS provides quality paint protection and comes with a 12-month guarantee. If within 12 months of the application you feel it’s ceased to be effective, you will receive a second application free of charge with your next carwash.

    Slipstream Ultimate Paint Sealant (UPS)
  • Slipstream AirCare

    Slipstream Air Care will treat odours throughout the cabin and right through the air-conditioning system, removing mould and bacteria as it does so. It does not mask odours, but neutralises the particles that create odour and kills bacteria in evaporative coolers.

    Slipstream AirCare
  • Paint protection

    Contaminants and UV radiation combine to oxidise paintwork and lead to long-term damage. Our industry leading product works to protect paint in two ways:
    1. The carnauba wax and synthetic resin within the product act as physical barriers against immediate damagers like bat or bird droppings
    2. Fluropolymers inhibit build up of contaminants and the titanium oxide rejects UV radiation

    Paint protection
  • Fabric Protection

    Using a liquid fluropolymer, this product creates liquid repellence of individual fibres and reduces the absorption of stains.

    Fabric Protection
  • Vinyl/leather Protection

    Vinyl protection coats surfaces with silicone treatments, repelling dirt and electro static dust. Leather protection contains lanolin, emollients and moisturisers to increase the leather surfaces normal stain resistance and wearing abilities.

    Vinyl/leather Protection
  • Air Care

    This product is an atomised deodoriser and disinfectant that penetrates through the cabin into fabrics, roof lining and air-conditioning systems. It comes in three flavours – lemon, apple, and cherry.

    Air Care
  • Tyre shine

    This product is a silicone tyre dressing for a longwearing and high-gloss shine.

    Tyre shine
  • Blue Magic Polish

    This product is an intermediate polish with mild cutting action for light scratches and oxidisation.

  • Reflections Polish

    Reflections polish is a heavy grade polish with cutting products.

  • Gold Wax Polish

    This product is a carnauba wax polish for extra gloss and shine.

  • X Factor Polish

    X Factor polish is a premium carnauba wax polish with UV inhibitors, slick gloss polish and paint protection.

  • Gold Medal Wash ‘n’ Wax

    This product is a premium vehicle detergent for carnauba wax for additional protection to compliment the above three polishes.

  • Lemon disinfectant

    This is used when shampooing upholstery to remove stains, odours and germs.

  • Lift Off

    Lift Off is an alkaline degreaser used to clean wheels, wheel arches, door jambs and engine bays.

  • UB Cleaner

    UB Cleaner is a more aggressive alkaline degreaser used to clean wheels, wheel arches, door jambs and engine bays.