Cargroomers Christmas Gift Voucher.

What do you buy the person who has everything? Cargroomers Christmas Gift Voucher are the perfect way to spread festive cheer.

Order and pay online by Credit Card. Then, your voucher will be instantly emailed straight to you or the recipient.

Cargroomers Christmas Gift Voucher

Cargroomers Christmas Gift Voucher

To celebrate the festive season, Cargroomers are offering a SPECIAL DEAL.

Our Express Plus is normally $99.00. Our Air Conditioning System Anti Bacterial Treatment is normally $88.00.

The Christmas Gift Voucher includes both of these services for only $75.00. That’s a saving of 60%.

Services include in this deal are:

  1. Hand wash of car, including wheels, wheel arches and door jambs.
  2. Chamois dry.
  3. Cleaning of windows inside and out.
  4. Vacum of seats, carpet and boot.
  5. Clean and dress dashboard and centre console.
  6. Blacken tyres and mudflaps.
  7. Treat all external surfaces with Slipstream 60, all surface vehicle protectant.
  8. Treat interior cabin and air conditioning system with Air Care Anti bacterial treatement.

Slipstream 60 protects all vehicle surfaces for 60 days. It will shine and protect paintwork, windows, mirrors, chrome, plastics, rubbers and trims. Containing carnauba wax and silicone emulsions, it is compressed into an applicator for thorough and even coverage.

Give someone a NEW CAR this Christmas for only $75.00*

At this price, why not buy two vouchers. One for you to give, and one for you to use.

*Not really a new car, but they will feel like they are driving a new car when we are done with it.