Cargroomers Carwash Prices

Our Carwash Prices start with the Express Carwash, which includes a hand wash on the vehicles exterior, cleaning the wheels, wheel arches and door jambs. We then vacuum the seats, carpets and the boot. The windows are cleaned inside and out. We then clean and dress the dashboard and centre console. To finish the tyres are blackened and the cabin is deodorised.

Premier Polish Carwash includes all of the options in the Express Carwash. Additionally, the paintwork is assessed, and a polish process is determined to rejuvenate the condition and shine of the duco. This process can include a full cut and polish or finishing wax, and will protect the condition of the vehicle for up to 12 months.

Premier Shampoo Carwash is an Express Carwash with a full extraction shampoo of all seats, carpets and upholstery.

The Premier Plus provides the full treatment for your car. It includes a full wash, chamois, cut and polish.  The cabin is treated with a vacuum and shampoo of all seats, carpet and boot. All internal and external trims are cleaned and dressed with the tyres shined and blackened.

The Premier Plus is our premium carwash service and is recommended as an annual service, or prior to selling your vehicle. This service will take three to four hours and will rejuvenate all vehicle surfaces.

Carwash Services - Clean Wheel

The Value Behind Carwash Prices

A car is the second biggest investment people make in a lifetime, and the best way to maintain the value of your investment is to maintain its condition. Carwash prices are competitive and based around the need to provide value-for-money services that will keep your vehicle in prime condition and looking great. We will cater for all of your needs without the hassle.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, email your nearest franchise or give us a call on

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