Here comes summer – is your car ready?


Hot summer sun in Brisbane

Hot summer sun in Brisbane

The Australian summer is great for the beach, but bad for your car. Much like our own skin, the elements can take a toll on the internal and external surfaces of your car. As a result of the intense heat and UV, your car will bake inside and out. Contaminants which settle on the car will combine with ultra violet radiation to form a layer of oxidisation on the cars surface.

Below are five easy steps to make sure your car is as protected as possible, and will make it through summer in great condition.

Summer Car Protection Tips

  1. First of all, tint the windows – it can be an upfront expense, but good window tint will stop 99.94% of UV radiation, and 60% of heat and glare.
    2. Park in the shade – but watch out under trees where nesting birds or bats can be a bigger problem, then the UV. Bat droppings have acidic pH levels which can etch paint surfaces.
    3. Cut and polish – great for when oxidisation has already taken hold of your car. It will stop the damage, and place a coverage of high strength carnauba wax to slow future build up.
    4. Slipstream 60 – an all surface vehicle protectant which will apply to paint, glass, chrome, rubber and plastic, resisting soiling.
    5. Keep your car clean – Clean cars look cooler. More¬†importantly, contaminants can get “cooked” onto the paint surface by the hot sun. This 2016-09-28-12-23-16-1increases the chance of oxidisation which causes long term paint damage.

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