Back To Work

Are you heading back to work next week? For most of us, the Christmas holidays come and go too quickly. Before the beaches really heat up, we have to go back to the office. Festive spending on the credit cards, will not take care of itself. And getting in the car for that first commute, the inevitable summer detritus hits you like a Gold Coast beach break. Maxi Bon wrappers, Paddlepop sticks, half full bottles of sun screen, and enough sand to bury the Nullarbor.

Annoying or Damaging

And no, we aren’t talking about your boss. The question is, does all that rubbish damage your car or is it just ugly? In fact, the answer is BOTH. Sunscreen on interior trims (and some external trims) looks awful, but the longer it stays, the harder it is to remove. Sunscreens can contain mineral oxides, oils and whitening agents which are designed to stay on our skin as long as possible. Thats great for protection against skin cancer. But….these same ingredients can cause sunscreen to mark and stain porous and semi-porous surfaces, such as those found in cars. Of particular susceptibility are the black trims found on the door pillars of many modern cars. Sunscreen transfers from your hands to these trims and can be very hard to remove.

Don't take your car back to work like this

Salt water + Car = BAD

Sand is very coarse, and increases friction between fabric fibres (particularly in high traffic areas). This friction will wear at upholstery in your car, increasing the likelyhood of irrregular wear patterns.

Lastly, when we are enjoying the beach, our cars are in the car park getting coated in salt water spray and bombarded

with extreme UV radiation. This salt spray can increase oxidisation of the paint work, causing fading and potential long term paint damage.


So how do I get my car cleaned after holidays?

On your way back to work, call Cargroomers on 1300 19 19 35 and book a Premier Shampoo. This service includes a hand wash of the car, cleaning the wheels, wheel arches and door jambs. We vacum the interior, then shampoo all the upholstery (seats, carpet and fabric trims). We clean and dress the dashboard, centre console, tyres and mudflaps, then deodorise the cabin interior. Before you know it, your car will be back to normal, and you will have one less thing to take care of!