The kids are back to school…..How does your car look?

Summer holidays are over after the Australia Day long weekend. The children are back to school and the beach holidays are over. So have a quick look around your car at the detritous of a well spent time under the Aussie sun.

Sunscreen marks on the door trims? Check

Paddlepop sticks in the seat pocket? Check

Leaky Breaka bottles jammed between the seat and the hand brake? Check

Sand, lots of sand? Check, check, check.

Does your car look this sandy when the kids go back to school?

Here is the bad news.

All these things, whilst simply annoying today can become a real problem if unchecked.

Sunscreen marks on vinyl and leather can become permanent stains,which are very expensive to have repaired.  Flavoured milk bottles can leak and when they do, the stench of spoilt milk will linger in the cabin and the A/C system, like the mozzies buzzing around your head at night time. Lastly, and perhaps the worst of all, the sand will increase friction between your vehicles interior surfaces. Think of it like portable sand paper, rubbing and wearing away at your seats and carpet. The damage is increased in high traffic areas, where our own body weight magnifies the effects. Worse still if the sand is on colored leather, it can sap the colour and natural protection out of your seats.

Here is the good news.

You don’t have to lift a finger to avoid all this. Well maybe just the finger that calls Cargroomers, Ph 1300 191935. We are trained in the art of removing all types of contaminants from vehicle interiors. We then assess the surfaces and can suggest a protection or maintenance program that keeps your car in good shape.

Better still, with the kids back to school, you have the car all to yourself. Why should it smell like Burger Rings and 30+ sunscreen? You deserve better. Call Cargroomers today. Tell them that you want your car back and then get on with your day. When you drive home, all you will smell is freshness and cleanliness. Until Easter.