Our Company

Cargroomers provides mobile car detailing and cleaning services around Australia, and is considered the premier mobile car detailing franchise service in Australia.

As a franchised system, we know that our reputation is only ever as good as the people who represent us. That is why we have developed an extensive training program. This provides our operators with the best customer service standards and techniques, as well as providing access to world-leading technology, our franchise operators are well equipped to handle any detailing situation they come across.

A wealth of experience has allowed us to develop our own detailing and cleaning products, including the Slipstream range.

Making our own products means we have control over their performance and quality. This ensures they provide the best results for our customers every time.

Cargroomers Head Office

Cargroomers Head Office

Cargroomers Mobile Car Detailing – Since 1989

Cargroomers was founded in 1989 as Budget Hand Car Groomers by Errol Woolcott. He subsequently developed the franchise system and techniques. In 1992 Errol rebranded our image until settling on the current name and trademarks.

Since then Cargroomers has grown to have had established franchises in most states and territories. Cargroomers also boasts a manufacturing division which makes and packages automotive cleaning products. Cargroomers products are used in over 700 carwashes around Australia, and are exported to America, New Zealand, Fiji, Pacific Islands, South Africa and Europe.

Cargroomers Slipstream, Cargroomers Fuze Flex, Cargroomers X Factor, Cargroomers Air Care

Our current head office in Yatala, was built to our specific requirements in 2001. In 2012 we expanded to take over the neighbouring warehouse and office building. With a team of 20 staff, Cargroomers is a second generation family owned and operated company.

Why choose us?

We provide all detailing and protection services in an efficient, professional and environmentally sensitive manner. Best of all, we come to you at home or work!

Cargroomers are car detailing experts and offer buffing, polishing, upholstery shampoo treatment, stain removal, odour removal and can rescue your car from pets and children.

As a fully accredited water-efficient registered operator, we pride ourselves in being sustainable. Cargroomers helped the Queensland Government write the Best Practice Guidelines for Mobile Detailers. These guidelines were implemented statewide to help reduce water consumption during drought conditions. Our operators use high pressure water cleaners and only use sixteen litres of water for each car wash.

Our franchise operators are  fully insured. We are covered for all damage to customers property and have been in the industry for over 25 years.

Your car could be your pride and joy, or it could just be how you get from A to B. The one thing all car owners share is that special feeling when your car looks good. The tyres are black and glossy, the paint work is shining and clean, the windows are clear and crisp. As you settle into the seat, your car has the soft smell of leather and new carpet. Your car is new again, and you remember the first time you drove it and how excited you felt. Thats the Cargroomers difference.